Monday, January 19, 2015

January 2015

Alright, so things have been a bit hectic what with a lot of our members moving away and everything, but nonetheless, here we are with an exciting announcement: Happy Whale is back! We're going to start making some games very soon (despite the fact that we've never actually finished one) and there will be links on here to our Newgrounds page where you can play them. We'll have info posted pretty regularly, maybe weekly rather than monthly as it stands. As of right now, here's a list of all the games we hope to release soon (VERY subject to change):

-Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn is an arcade Flash game in which you play as an old man living in a small house. The surrounding neighborhood has been sold and torn down to make way for the construction of a large mall, and your house was mistakenly marked as condemned because they assumed you're dead (you are old, after all). In order to save your house, you go up against waves of construction workers and enemies in an effort to see how long you can keep your house before the Man finally gets you.

Get Off My Lawn will feature Newgrounds Medals, a high score board, unlockable powerups and upgrades, and much more. Release is slated to be somewhere in the next few months (we're bad with deadlines, it's just easier this way).

Cape is a pixel-art abstract game in which you play as a man wearing half of a cape that deflects all attacks from enemies. The goal of the game is to kill enemies with their own weapons without ever attacking anyone yourself. Throughout the game you discover how the cape was created and what happened to the other half.

Cape will be released on Newgrounds as well, and will have a custom level editor in which users can create their own levels for distribution among their friends and others. We have no official release date, basically whenever we finish Get Off My Lawn.

-Coffee Run!
Coffee Run is a 2D endless runner in which you play as an office worker running endlessly towards the coffee machine at the end of the hall. You dodge office supplies and use powerups and eventually fight the final boss to reach the coveted coffee at the end.

Coffee Run will be released on Newgrounds with Medals and High scores. Release will be somewhere in 2015 (That ought to give us enough time)

-Keeper of the Chromolith
Keeper of the Chromolith is a 2D RPG Puzzle Platformer in which you play as the apprentice to an inventor in a medieval town at the base of a mountain. He sends you up the mountain using a system of gravitational manipulation he devised himself and asks you to refill the fuel of the Chromolith, a strange, glowing rock atop the mountain, and while you are there it is stolen. All color and life is then lost from the scene and you embark on a quest to regain the color in your town, all the while discovering the mysterious and suspicious past of the inventor you work for.

Keeper of the Chromolith will hopefully be released on Steam sometime in late 2016, and will be a full scale indie game with hours of exciting gameplay. Through the Steam Community there will be achievements and a level editor where you can create your own gravity-defying levels.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello! (Belated February Update)

Hi there, we're Happy Whale Studios. We've had this blog up for awhile, but haven't really done anything with it. So, I'm going to fill whoever's actually going to read this in on our latest updates. So, here are the projects at least one of us is currently involved in at the moment:

  • Coffee Run - Coffee Run is a 2D sidescrolling runner game with lots of powerups and enemies and multiplatform levels that will have an online community of levels that people can share and favorite, which is the main reason it has taken us since June of 2013 to work on it and still not be done, but that's mostly due to the fact that we're all busy and don't have all that much time to work on it.
  • Onslaught - Onslaught is a Run 'n Gun platformer with customizable weapons and levels and intricate AI. The game is still in its fledgling states, but after Coffee Run is complete more work will start on it.
  • Portal Pulverizer - Portal Pulverizer is a fixed shooter for Pico Day on Newgrounds where you maneuver the ubiquitous Newgrounds tank and defeat the main characters from many of Newgrounds' most famous submissions. It will have lots of upgrades and level systems, and is our only project at the moment that really has a deadline of April 28. Hopefully that won't be the first one to come out.
  • Untitled - We're working more seriously on an isometric Turn-Based RPG that isn't a Flash game like the others, but written in Java and to be released through either Steam Greenlight or Square Enix. This game is going to have a complex backstory and involved cutscenes and fighting sequences.
  • Suprah Mayro Bross - This is another Java game following in the footsteps of Supra Mayro Kratt, the Unity game that depicts a very broken version of Super Mario Kart, but this will be a platform of similar nature.
Hopefully this will show you that we are in fact still alive, and are working hard on finishing at least one of these games sometime soon to release. In the meantime, enjoy the 2 games that we've already released, and stay tuned for more!